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Boost your company's digital transformation with and automated cloud migration tool that doesn't leave anything behind.
Automate VM migrations to Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure without the use of intrusive agents

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Quick & Easy VM Migration


Even large and complex migration projects are simplified by Acronis Cloud Migration’s wizard-like experience


Have full, granular, and programmatic control over every aspect of your migration projects


Acronis Cloud Migration has the industry’s highest rate of successful VM conversions


In 2019, 81% of all organizations reported have concerns about security and 62% reported concerns over data loss and data leakage risks for migrations.

Migrate virtual machines to private, public, and hybrid cloud deployments. Built on a non-invasive agentless architecture, Acronis Cloud Migration enables automated migrations of virtual machines to Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure.

Cloud Migration to Azure Use Cases

Key Features

Non-Intrusive Agentless

Acronis Cloud Migration’s non-intrusive agentless approach means you spend no time installing, and then later uninstalling, software on every VM.


Acronis Cloud Migration’s PowerShell cmdlets automate the process of converting multiple VMs, as well as executing multiple simultaneous jobs.

Simple & Intuitive Graphical
User Interface (GUI)

Acronis Cloud Manager’s easy-to-use GUI guides you through each step of the migration process using a wizard-like approach to ensure a simple and familiar user experience.

Flexibility of Multiplatform

Migrate virtual machines across private and public cloud platforms without the need for multiple standalone tools. Migrate VMs to Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure from a single console.

Get best-in-class Cloud Migration to Microsoft Azure solution

Key Benefits


Gain an easy-to-use, wizard-like experience for migrations via the simple and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)

35% faster versus

Convert VMs up to 35% faster versus using other conversion tools

successful VM conversions

Experience the industry’s highest rate of successful VM conversions

Streamline migrations

Acronis’ nonintrusive, agentless architecture ensures you don’t need to install and then uninstall agents for each VM with each migration

migration times

Run multiple jobs simultaneously to expedite migration times

Increase flexibility

Increase flexibility by performing “on the spot” and “as you go” VM configuration edits

Ensure relocation

Ensure relocation of the entire VM by migrating multiple virtual disks from the source VM to the destination

complex migrations

Accelerate large and complex migrations through scripting via PowerShell cmdlets

Migrate multiple virtual disks

Migrate multiple virtual disks from the source VM to the format used by the destination

Guarantee resource availability

Guarantee resource availability through built-in capacity analysis of the destination host and appropriate migration planning

Cloud Migration

Formerly 5Nine Cloud Migration

Automate VM migrations to Hyper-V, AWS, and Azure without the use of intrusive agents

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Live Migration To cloud in 6 steps

Prepare for migration

Choose your level of cloud integration

Start replication

Start background replication of business applications, machines data and metadata without any performance impact

Store data

All the data is stored in a cloud native format using volumes and snapshots of a target cloud


Automated orchestration launches fully operational business applications on target cloud

Test migrations

Run unlimited number of test in an isolated VPC, run a set of functional and performance tests without performance impact

Final cutover

Final migration or cutover within a small and predictable maintenance window

Supported Applications

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Network adaptors are recreated during conversion, so any static IP addresses are removed and will need to be reconfigured after conversion. To make sure the same IP address is retained by the converted VM, you can configure MAC-IP binding on your DHCP server or router in advance. MAC addresses of network adaptors remain the same after a conversion.

Acronis Cloud Migration uses the following ports

  • TCP Port 80 (for downloading virtual hard disks)
  • TCP Port 443 (for all other communication)

This error occurs when attempting to migrate a running VM on an unlicensed version of ESXi. This is by design. To resolve this error, either upgrade to a licensed version of VMware, or stop the VM before migrating it.


Acronis Cloud Migration

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