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XcelSecure SM | Citrix Analytics Security

The visibility you need for your digital workspace.
Proactively detect and resolve security threats.
To guard sensitive data, you need to keep assets and employees secure in real time.
Citrix Analytics for Security gives you proactive security protection without complicating your employee experience.

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Add-on to existing service


Save when bundled with Citrix Analytics for Performance

Add turnkey security analytics to your existing Citrix Workspace or Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on-premises or cloud service deployment.

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Uses machine learning to continually assess user risk, predict malicious threats, and proactively respond to protect sensitive data.

Workspace Premium with Citrix Analytics for Security


Save when bundled with Citrix Analytics for Performance

Complete digital workspace solution that delivers secure access to apps and data with added security analytics offering for continual user risk assessment..

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Provides intelligent features that guide and automate work for users and easy-to-use dashboards for IT to predict malicious activity and proactively respond to threats..

Workspace Premium Plus with Citrix Analytics for Security


Save when bundled with Citrix Analytics for Performance

Comprehensive digital workspace solution, inclusive of hybrid deployment options for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, with added advanced security analytics offering.

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Includes cloud management option for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and core Analytics for Security offering plus the ability to detect first time access from a new device, potential data exfiltration, and unusual application access.

83% of businesses believe complex organizational structures and IT infrastructure create greater risk for security breaches.

Proactively address threats with advanced analytics.

54% of network decision makersattribute internal attacks to malicious intent.

attribute internal attacks to malicious intent.

See how Citrix Analytics for Security protects
your workspace

Replace traditional VPNs with a zero trust approach

Meet the needs of your remote workforce with a VPN alternative

Simplify and secure user access

Get the control you need everywhere

Stop threats before they happen
Halt ransomware without hurting
Fill security gaps with end-to-end visibility
Detect insider threats before they attack
Protect your environment
Stop bad actors in their tracks
Stop threats before they happen

With the average cost of a data breach at nearly $4 million2, it’s crucial to can detect and prevent security threats before they happen. This gets difficult as more employees rely on a sprawling number of apps and services—some of which aren’t sanctioned by IT. Citrix Analytics for Security uses machine learning to identify, analyze, and proactively respond to suspicious activity in real time. Create user profiles based on how employees work and automatically respond to potential threats by blocking the user’s device or access before your data is compromised.

Halt ransomware without hurting collaboration

Ransomware accounts for nearly 24% of malware attacks, so it’s essential that you protect sensitive data across your organization3. Citrix Content Collaboration with Citrix Analytics for Security lets employees securely share files from any device—while IT keeps track of user activity. Using built-in machine learning, Citrix Analytics for Security quickly filters behavior to identify events that resemble ransomware and automatically takes action to halt the attack.

Fill security gaps with end-to-end visibility

As your IT infrastructure grows more complex, piecemeal solutions that secure specific apps or cloud environments are not enough. To prevent gaps in your security posture, you need holistic visibility throughout your organization. Citrix Analytics for Security makes this possible by analyzing your users, applications, endpoints, networks, and data across Citrix Workspace. This gives you end-to-end visibility in one easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboard—simplifying monitoring and troubleshooting for your entire organization.

Detect insider threats—before they attack

With 68% of organizations confirming insider attacks are becoming more frequent2, companies are responding by adopting proactive security—In fact, $30.9 billion will be spent on AI-based cybersecurity systems and services by 20253. Using machine learning to create individual user profiles, Citrix Analytics for Security detects and flags suspicious activity inside your corporate firewall so you can autonomously stop malicious insiders before they can compromise or steal data.

Protect your environment from malicious code

Your employees depend on anywhere access to information to do their best work, but you need to provide this access while protecting your IT environment from malicious code. If one employee clicks a risky URL, your entire organization can be affected. This is why Citrix Analytics for Security works with Citrix Access Control to block risky or blacklisted URLs. Customize how your system responds to attempts to access these URLs, including opening a secure browser, locking devices, disabling user access, or alerting administrators.

Stop bad actors in their tracks

One of the riskiest things your employees do every day is share files across networks and devices, especially if they use personal file sharing that lacks strong security and compliance. So it’s no surprise that 34% of security breaches involve internal actors, with more than 20% caused by user error4. Citrix Content Collaboration with Citrix Analytics for Security give your IT team centralized control over file sharing while letting employees securely share files from any device. If bad actors or mistakes threaten to compromise sensitive assets, stop the threat before it turns into a breach. The result is business-class data security that doesn’t hinder your employee experience.

How we’re different

Citrix Analytics for Security is the only user-centric security analytics solution that seamlessly integrates into your digital workspace experience.
By building individual risk profiles with machine learning, you can continuously detect risks and malicious activity to stop breaches before they happen.


Enable collaboration inside a secure workspace that seamlessly integrates behavioral analytics.


Assess and flag threats in real time with risk profiles automatically built from user behavior.


Ensure security and compliance for employees on any device, cloud, or application.

Cloud Drives Faster Application Development

Assess, detect, and revent risks in real time

Secure your data and users with built-in machine learning


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Citrix Analytics Security - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

We mainly use Citrix for deploying applications and providing centralized access to our clients

- Moqeet Muhammad

The location of enemies in the shape of friends inside the company can be easily traced and revealed.

-meghaliya datta

The artificial machine learning makes all of this super chic and elegant in the eyes of consumers. The user interaction is simple and managed thoroughly.

-Sumit Dikshit


Citrix Analytics can help you:
  • Detect and analyze threats based on user behavior across the Citrix portfolio.
  • Remediate and prevent data loss from malicious insiders and external attackers.
  • Track and set risk scores for users, uncovering risky users by URL and application access.

Citrix Workspace secures your most sensitive business data, whether it's in use, in motion, or at rest—in the data center or the cloud. Our offerings ensure IT can centrally store and manage apps, data, and files in a central data center or the cloud, keeping them shielded from leaks and theft.

Unlike a traditional VPNCitrix Secure Workspace Access is a cloud-based offering that provides secure and contextual VPN-less access with SSO to on- premises web and virtual applications. ... With VPN-less access, users will get single sign-on to both internal apps and SaaS apps.

Citrix software publishes visualized Windows applications, desktops and resources to remote users. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops works with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS), utilizing their High Definition Experience (HDX) protocol for data transferring.

Citrix Receiver makes it easier than ever to support user demands for freedom and choice. This easy-to-use client allows users to connect to their XenApp server-based virtual desktop from any device over any type of network connection.


At times, Azure can be a very complicated platform. It can take a while to understand the entire platform comprehensively. Your IT team may need to spend hours to understand Azure completely. There are wide range of options available for Azure deployment, which can overwhelm a first-time user. Also, the Azure platform is unmanaged.

Our Microsoft-certified experts at XcellHost will help you understand the Azure platform, guiding you with all the technical nuances that come with Azure management. We will provide server management, platform management, and instance management that includes patching, OS hardening, 24/7 monitoring, automatic backup and updates, disaster recovery etc.

In short: We take care of your Azure, so that you can take care of your main business.

Even if you purchase Azure directly from Microsoft, there is a lot of technical expertise required for setup, deployment and operations of Azure. Managing Azure is very complicated without proper support. XcellHost takes care of everything from beginning to the end, leaving you completely relieved.

We are a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. Many of our engineers have worked with Microsoft in the past, so you can be very sure of getting the excellent value out of it. When you sign-up with XcellHost, you don’t pay anything additional for the infrastructure. Your pricing remains the same as Microsoft.

Managed Azure Basic:

1. Basic 24/7 Monitoring

2. 1 Hour/Month Support

3. No OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. No I/O Monitoring Available

5. No Managed Backup Available

6. No Health Checks Available

Managed Azure Advanced:

1. Advanced 24/7 Monitoring

2. 2 Hour/Month Support

3. OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. Read/Write I/O Monitoring Available

5. Managed Backup Available

6. Health Checks Available

Note: All our plans include 24/7 support via phone, chat and e-mail.

XcellHost will be a single point of contact for all your Azure requirements. We have a dedicated team working round-the-clock to provide 24/7 support via email, phone or chat. We typically respond within an hour of raising ticket. Some cases that require attention from our engineers can take upto 24 hours. In very rare cases which require escalation to Microsoft, it may take a little longer.

Apart from our impressive track record in managed cloud services and round-the-clock support, we claim to have the lowest prices in the market.

We are Microsoft Partners with Gold competency for “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions” along with Silver competency in “Cloud Platform” and “Cloud Productivity.” With more than 10,000 installations spanning across 90+ countries,XcellHost is a force to reckon with in the cloud industry.

Feel free to contact us anytime:


Citrix Analytics Security

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