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XcelSecure SM | Citrix Secure Browser

Secure web browsing—without limiting access.
Keep your data safe from browser-based attacks.
When it comes to security, the internet is among your biggest enemies. Which is a problem, since employees need the web to stay productive.

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Citrix Secure Browser as a fully-hosted Citrix cloud service. Gives employees consistent, secure remote access to the internet and web apps while protecting the corporate network from browser-based attacks.

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Workspace Premium



Citrix Secure Browser service integrated into Citrix Workspace, for employees who need a secure digital workspace but don’t require virtual apps and desktops.

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Opens web apps inside the workspace for a secure experience that doesn’t require endpoint configuration. Includes web filtering of blacklisted URLs, machine learning to flag suspicious behavior, and secure file sharing on any user device.

Workspace Premium Plus



Citrix Secure Browser service inside a comprehensive workspace solution with hybrid deployment options for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops.

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Includes Workspace Premium functionality, plus security controls enabling admins to dynamically record user sessions or watermark content for data loss prevention.

83% of businesses believe that IT complexity is putting their company at greater risk for a security breach.

Don’t let complexity put you at risk.

71% of organizationssay there is risk from their inability to control employees’ devices and apps.

Learn how to reduce risk and boost employee productivity.

KEY Features

Single sign-on
Bookmarks for favorite pages
Ability to download files securely
Ability to block pop-ups
Ability to download offline pages
Secure intranet access
Bug fixes and performance enhancements

How we’re different

Citrix Analytics for Security is the only user-centric security analytics solution that seamlessly integrates into your digital workspace experience.
By building individual risk profiles with machine learning, you can continuously detect risks and malicious activity to stop breaches before they happen.

Employees want to browse without limits. IT needs to keep web-based attacks at bay. Citrix Secure Browser lets you do both.

Citrix Secure Browser is completely separate from your network. That means browsing is 100% isolated and each session is destroyed after use. So even as you expand employee options for working on-the-go, your corporate resources remain safe. It’s one of the many ways Citrix helps you future-proof your business with a secure digital workspace.

Keep your data safe from browser-based attacks

When it comes to security, the internet is among your biggest enemies. Which is a problem, since employees need the web to stay productive. That’s what Citrix Secure Browser is for. This cloud-hosted browser lets you thoroughly protect your network without complicating the experience for users.

Cloud Drives Faster Application Development

Go ahead—let employees browse away. We’ll isolate that traffic and keep your network protected.

Even if someone lands on a compromised site, your devices and data stay safe.


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I have been using Secure Web for a couple years now. Each time they upgraded it gets better.

-rohit shirke

The product provides me with the security I need to keep for me and good user interface that is easy to use and navigate. Very happy with the product.

-nabil khan

I like the ease of access my remote desktop, despite there are many authentications in the middle, most of them are saved on the browser."

-Dhru chavan


The Citrix Secure Browser Service isolates web browsing to protect the corporate network from browser-based attacks. It delivers consistent, secure remote access to internet hosted web applications, with no need for user device configuration.

Citrix is committed to making technology that is fully secure and adheres to government standards for encryption and accessibility by everyone.

Citrix Secure Browser as a fully-hosted Citrix cloud service. Gives employees consistent, secure remote access to the internet and web apps while protecting the corporate network from browser-based attacks.

An out-of-the-box Citrix solution is much more secure than a VPN. ... Citrix does not leverage RPD/RDS it has its own protocol, it can be encrypted using TLS end-to-end

Supported browsers
  • Latest version of Google Chrome.
  • Latest version of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Latest version of Microsoft Edge.
  • Latest version of Apple Safari.

Safe browsers help stop third-party tools, like cookies. Cookies collect your private information, like the websites you've visited, usernames and passwords and other tracking data. Safe browsers also don't share your identity, like some of their less secure counterparts.

Citrix Secure Browser

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