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Business Model ₹/user license ₹/user license
Pricing for 100 users/year ₹378608 ₹908659 ( ₹9070/User/Year)
Hosting Options & Features
On Premise/Self-Hosted
Cloud Hosted
IAAS (AWS GovCloud)
IAAS (Azure)
Run On Docker
Run On Linux Server
Run On Windows Server
Storage, Sync & Backup Features
Storage Sync Unlimited 1 TB, Unlimited for 5+ user
Large File Support, max file size Unlimited 10 GB Limitation
Supported Local Storage
Number of Files Unlimited 20000
Storage Limitation Unlimited Varies per Plan
Selective Folder Sync
Endpoint Backup (Multiple folders)
Branch Office Synchronization
Mobile Features
Mobile OS Compatibility iOS, Android, Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows Phone
iOS, Android Media backup
Cloud Features
File Sharing
Secure Access
Cross Platform
Desktop Sync – Cross Platform(Windows, Mac, Linux) Windows & Mac
Document Quick Edit
Document Web Edit
DICOM Medical Images Preview (e.g. X-rays, Scans)
Embedded File Upload Form
File Comments/Activity Stream
Workflow Automation
Chrome Extension
Gmail Extension
Customization, Branding Custom branding, White label, Emails, ToS Policies etc
Security, Access Control & Existing File Systems Integration
Integrate – Existing Home Directories Upgrade
NTFS Support
Network Share Support
Network Share Versioning
Active Directory Support
Multiple Active Directory
Single Sign-On (NTLM/SSO) Buy Additional Software
SAML Authentication Buy Additional Software
Data At Rest Encryption
Two Factor Authentication(2FA)
File Locking
FIPS 140-2 (U.S. government security standard)
Outlook Integration
API Support
Sharepoint plugin
E-signature Under Development
Google Drive Integration Under Development
Amazon S3 / OpenStack Support
Audit & Admin Tools
Access and Monitoring Control
Mobile Device Management (Block devices, remote wipe, notification to devices)
Audit Reports (What, When, Who and How)
Geo IP Access Reports
File Analytics & Reporting (Summary of Client Applications per OS & Type, User Shares, Active Files Managed, File Type Distribution)
Role Based Administration
Pattern Search
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Why ShareFile is the Best Onedrive for Business Alternative?

Amazing Features

ShareFile has implemented centralized device management, federated search, role based access, meta data management system and much more. ShareFile also has selective sync, virtual drive, unlimited storage, enhanced security features, endpoint backup and built-in ransomware protection. Feature List

Designed for Enterprise

Microsoft OneDrive has features like advance sharing, mobility and security like every other EFSS client. While OneDrive is a useful file sharing software, ShareFile is definitely a better OneDrive alternative for handling the needs of enterprises. With top-notch security and a powerful Admin system, ShareFile has been designed for enterprise.

Fits Every Organization

All organizational file sharing/collaboration requirements are not the same. They differ from industry to industry and from country to country – different data privacy laws/jurisdictions. ShareFile is not only a robust platform but also a flexible solution that can fit your organization file sharing/ collaboration work-flows perfectly.

on-premise/ IaaS

ShareFile can be hosted on-premise or on any IaaS (e.g. AWS, Azure). OneDrive is provided as a SaaS offering

End Point Backup

In addition to file sharing and sync, ShareFile offers endpoint backup. Onedrive doesn’t offer endpoint backup.

External File Sharing

ShareFile offers intuitive external file sharing capabilities to share files with partners, vendors and customers. Onedrive for Business offers complex, hard to manage external file sharing features.

Branding & Customization

ShareFile offers Unparalleled branding/customization (Change logo, change login screen, branded file sharing emails, Run on custom domain). Onedrive doesn’t offer custom branding capabilities.

Remote Wipe Feature

ShareFile supports remote wipe of files in client devices (PCs, Mobile apps). Onedrive doesn’t offer remote wipe or device management capabilities.

Metadata Management

ShareFile offers powerful metadata management capabilities to classify files using tags and custom meta data sets. OneDrive doesn’t offer meta data management

Better than Onedrive Enterprise

ShareFile offers manual retention,share deletion policies and manual classifications. OneDrive offers these features only in Enterprise E3 & E5 editions.

Ownership Transfer

ShareFile can transfer the file ownership to any user within the organization. OneDrive doesn’t offer this functionality.

Powerful Admin

ShareFile offers powerful administration features for system admins (Device dashboard, detailed audit log, reports and many more …)

Federated Search & GDPR

ShareFile offers federated search to support e-discovery and GDPR compliance. With OneDrive these features are available only in Enterprise editions.

More reasons which make ShareFile the best OneDrive alternative for Business!

ShareFile delivers enterprise value unlike any other OneDrive alternative.

Here are more reasons to switch from OneDrive to ShareFile

ShareFile offers advanced sharing options

  • View, Upload, Download, Share, Sync and Delete
  • OneDrive offers only limited file sharing options
  • ShareFile offers security and permissions at folder/sub folder levels
  • ShareFile offers virtual drive & selective sync capabilities

“We liked ShareFile’s pricing, comprehensive feature set (branding, encryption) and the responsive support”

Onedrive Alternative Client

ShareFile team is always looking to add features desired by enterprise users to assist them achieve better productivity.

For example, if you want anyone outside organization to share a file with you securely, you can share them a secure link to upload files without access to anything else.

With ShareFile you can enable syncing of files across Office 365. Many users wish to be able to share files from their personal Onedrive Account to OneDrive for Business Account.

While, OneDrive might still be thinking about it, ShareFile has already implemented this functionality.

You can do a lot more like, separate personal and business files within ShareFile, automatically shorten url’s, move files to another user account while deleting a particular user, get user side download statistics easily and even run ShareFile on a Linux client for Enterprise.

“ShareFile is by far the best on-premise file sharing solution.”