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Businesses with a central location to copy, manage, share, and protect all of the office files, both paper and digital.

Move To A Paperless Office & Streamline Processing of all types of documents & Work From Anywhere.

A comprehensive and robust DMS to cater to the needs of all the departments in an organization

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dMACQ DMS pricing V.X – Key Functional Specs Enterprise Lite Express Edition Enterprise Base
Enterprise Professional Edition
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Application Functional Specs:
Single & Bulk file-upload
Indexing & Metadata Capturing
Dynamic indexation group
- Dynamic indexation fields
Master Data Index
- Auto-Indexing
Simple search – file name and Indexes
Advanced search – Indexed based search
- Search reports – choose fields to extract data – Advanced Reporting Module with Charts
Document Set Creation and Compliance Reports
- Retrieval through search + email/download
Access Controls
Dynamic role based access
- Default user level access control (for PDF documents)
Category Level access control
Document Level access control
Other Functionalities
Browser based
Dynamic category creation & management
- Audit log
- OCR/content search
Manage PDF – Insertion & Deletion of Pages in a PDF
Advanced Report Configuration and Notification Module
- Email integration
Document Auto-Renaming basis the Index fields
Workflow Management
Dynamic workflow builder
Assignment of Task List in the workflow
Approval Matrix
Reports & Charts for pending activites
Email alerts & notifications related to workflow
Contract Management
Ability to Renew / Terminate Contracts
Ability to track the expiry of the agreements/ contracts with detailed report
Ability to draft/create any Document ONLINE for online Editingusing collaboration Tool (OnlyOffice Editor a third party license of around $1100) OPTIONAL
Ability to integrate with other applications for Document Viewing (additional cost as per the project) OPTIONAL
Mobile APP (Android based) - OPTIONAL (one time set up charges will be applicable)
Ability to upload/view documents from the Mobile OPTIONAL
Ability to approve / reject any step of a workflow OPTIONAL

why dMACQ

    Integration ready
  • DMS architecture allows easy integration with other applications
  • Integration with SAP, SuccessFactor, Finacle, OmniFin, Tally, several other ERPs, Google Driver, Microsoft 365
  • DMS as an aggregator that meets all customer needs for digital transformation
    Adept customer support
  • Efficient after-sales support for quick resolution of customer queries
  • Periodic review and monitoring for preventive measures and pro-active steps
  • Well-planned hand-holding period according to customer needs
    End-to-end management of digital needs
  • Experienced & skilled team in providing complete solution
  • Digitization services combined with our DMS & iRPA product offerings help clients quickly realize the goal of going paperless
  • Bulk/large project handling capabilities: Projects handled include scanning over 500,000 images per day
  • Comprehensive configurable solutions
  • Functional products: HR DMS, Legal DMS, Contract Management, Engineering DMS – leaders in delivering customized DMS in India
    Technological & functional superiority
  • AI/BI ready (full web-based solution)
  • Master data management & other key features in DMS
  • iRPA integrated with DMS
  • Comprehensive configurable solutions
  • Functional products: HR DMS, Legal DMS, Contract Management, Engineering DMS – leaders in delivering customized DMS in India

use cases

HR Document
Account Payable
Document Management
Document Centric Review &
Approval Process
Contract Management
Online Document

key features

Human Resources DMS

Key Features:

  • Link to Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

  • Employee Engagement

  • Individual Employee Dashboard

  • Mobile App for Employees

  • Compliance Module

  • Automated Emails

  • VisualDMS: Customisable Reports, Analytics with Automated Report Scheduler 

Legal DMS

Key Features:

  • Case File Management

  • Client File Management

  • Version Control

  • Opinion Management

  • Task Management

  • Compliance Module

  • Automated Emails

  • VisualDMS: Customisable Reports, Analytics with Automated Report Scheduler 

Finance & Accounts DMS

Key Features:

  • Link to Core Financial System (including ERPs)

  • Master Management

  • Transactions Master

  • Vendor Invoice & Expense Claim Management

  • Compliance Module

  • Automated Emails

  • VisualDMS: Customisable Reports, Analytics with Automated Report Scheduler 

Contract Management System

Key Features:

  • Contract Life Cycle Management

  • Version Control

  • Task Management

  • Compliance Module

  • Automated Emails

  • VisualDMS: Customisable Reports, Analytics with Automated Report Scheduler 

core features & benefits


dMACQ DMS provides detailed capabilities to organize data for any organization. Both bulk & automated data uploads are made available through easy to use interfaces. dMACQ provides several APIs for easy integration options for organizations


Every user has rights to configure their own dashboard information. Automated reports can be generated based on user-defined criteria


dMACQ DMS has multiple distinct pre-organized searches for quick retrieval of information. Users can define and book-mark search criteria


dMACQ PDF manager provides advanced tools for page insertions, annotations, digital signatures, automated re-indexing and related advanced controls


dMACQ OCR engine supports over 130 languages. dMACQ experts understand and customize the use of OCR technology for optimal data capturing & search needs


dMACQ metadata structuring engine allows organizations to define and efficiently use/re-use metadata across organizations' information bank. This also leads to optimal and efficient search and retrieval


dMACQ DMS allows organisations to maintain file structure and file document sets in digital form and enables users to create their own compliance reports


dMACQ's contract management module allows users to manage entire contract/agreement life cycle; auto reminders of contracts' expiry and renewals are built-in; the module also maintains history of all agreements and their versions


Enables automatic workflow management by providing a dynamic user-configurable workflow engine. This engine allows assignment of roles, responsibilities & TAT's for individual worksteps. Examples include supplier invoice processing, claims/expense processing, and financial approval processes


Document version control maintains the historical versions of each document stored in the repository and users can tag each version with comments. DVC also provides check-in/check-out facility for simultaneous access of documents by a team and also maintains detailed audit logs


WFMT provides a five-tiered architecture to manage documents in the warehouse by co-tracking various physical documents with their corresponding electronic versions. Also provides facilities to log-in and log-out physical documents on DMS with approval and tracker systems


dMACQ EDMS allows users to store and manage engineering drawing files on the DMS. The EDMS module allows users to view the drawings, annotate and store versions and associate work-flows. All commonly used formats are supported


dMACQ DMS e-mail module allows organizations to centralize and store emails within the DMS for permanent archival, and tag them with relevant information for easy retrieval


dMACQ DMS Human Resources Module has special functionalities to replicate organization structure. Specially customized HR module provides compliance reporting, automated department/organization based access rights, and also hosts an employee self-service portal

DMACQ Workflow Management


dMACQ Solutions Suite


Enterprise wide Document Management System
  • A comprehensive and robust DMS to cater to the needs of all the departments in an organization
  • Workflow solutions to take care of process automations
  • VisualDMS® representing the available information in structured visual format
  • Unique Master Data Management along with Integration capabilities


Intelligent Robotic Process Automation
  • dMACQ RPA solutions to automate the tedious and manual operational process in a seamless automated way with 100% accuracy. Integrated with dMACQ DMS & Work-flow engine
  • Data extraction from structured and unstructured formats
  • Ready off the shelf BOTs for Airline GST extractions
  • Data Analytics module integrated with DMS

E-Data Rom

Secure e-Data Vault

  • Easily & securely share information and documents with potential users
  • Multi tiered architecture for advanced controls
  • Mobile solutions to access information securely from anywhere, anytime
  • Time based access control
  • A complete Audit trail log and Reporting module

Digitization / Business
Outsourcing Services

Digitization & Data Processing Services
  • Mailroom facility to help you the digitization process from the time of receipt of the document
  • Experienced team with a proven track record of digitizing close to 10 Crore images
  • Pan India delivery & operations team
  • Inventory of Industry grade production scanners

DMACQ Engineering DMS

dMACQ EDMS allows users to store and manage engineering drawing files on the DMS.

The EDMS module allows users to view the drawings, annotate and store versions and associate work-flows.

All commonly used formats are supported


Cyber security of the DMS system is periodically tested by an independent firm for vulnerabilities and VAPT certification is issued.

The DMS implements US NIST recommended security practices including five tiered access controls, encryption for confidentiality, hash-based integrity enforcement, and detailed audit logs.

dMACQ's processes are both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified


The DMS is also available as an app on both Android and iOS platforms.

Users can not only scan their documents and upload them to the server from their phones, they can also view documents and receive notifications on their phones.

The app enables mobile backend-as-a-service by providing ability to capture customer information on forms

dMACQ DMS Browser based & Mobile app ready


our platform component

Our bots can record user interactions and play them back repetitively, extract data from websites, extract data from invoices, migrate data from one data store to another, perform validation checks on user supplied data, and convert unstructured text into structured forms.
Digitization of usual business processes allows users to use their computers to view assigned tasks, view related documents, approve or reject tasks, or delegate tasks; automated business process management increases productivity, accountability, and provides real-time status information.
Our MDM module allows metadata from different systems to be integrated in our platform so that search and retrieval of associated information can be performed from one system; by integrating IT ecosystem at the database level, significant efficiencies can be realized.
In many organizations contracts management is important especially when they are mandated by law - creating contracts, maintaining contracts, and reminding when contracts are about to expire will help these organizations greatly; our platform provides integrated collaborative creating and editing documents in common formats.
Legal community requires all information about their cases at their fingertips including the ability to create, edit, and share case documents with all stakeholders including their customers; our platform allows lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants to develop, maintain, and collaborate on legal matters effortlessly using pre-built workflows.
HR usually accumulates documents for tracking employee growth and compliance with regulations; our platform is specifically designed to handle HR requirements by allowing special categories of documents to be created that permits viewing of missing documents on one click, uploading organizational charts for hierarchical rights assignment, and for searching through documents.
At the core of any company are numerous documents encased in files - corresponding digital versions can be stored in our platform so that precious real-estate for physical files and documents may be saved; moreover, simultaneous access of the same document and easy search of contents are also possible.
Managing vendors can become tedious if there are several of them and several invoices are raised by each - our platform has built-in vendor portal that allows each authorized vendor to raise bills which automatically triggers the payment workflow; each vendor can monitor the status of pending payments on their dashboards.
An essential part of modern businesses is to be able to send information to stakeholders from the platform itself - our platform allows emails and messages to be sent from the application itself with links to any attachment; this significantly reduces bandwidth consumed and provides audit tracking; moreover, our platform is single sign-on (SSO) enabled.
PII has become important with the adoption of enhanced privacy laws by several countries including the GDPR. PII module in our platform allows users to select data items as PII and those data items will then be displayed, stored, and transmitted in an encrypted format.
11 / INDUSTRY 4.0
The next generation of manufacturing processes will used advanced technology and networking for improved productivity and decision-making; our computer-vision enabled gear-mesh quality verifier allows extremely fast testing using a smartphone that is integrated with SCADA system.
12 / Microsoft 365, Google Drive INTEGRATION
Our platform is integrated with Microsoft 365, Google Drive, and OnlyOffice, allowing creating and editing of documents in the Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; being technical partners with OnlyOffice, we are able to provide collaborative editing facility on the Intranet as well.


talk to our cloud epert


dMACQ Offers latest technologies in Document and Content Management System for a complete Paperless office & process automation.

-prethen golab

dMACQ DMS offers secure VAPT certified records and document management system.

-aniket gaikwad

The software is easily customizable as per each team's demands. It is easy to use and hardly requires any customer support.

-nitin nayak


 Database Migration Service ( DMS) is a web service that you can use to migrate data from a source data store to a target data store. These two data stores are called endpoints.

  • internal migration: moving within a state, country, or continent.
  • external migration: moving to a different state, country, or continent.
  • emigration: leaving one country to move to another.
  • immigration: moving into a new country.

Data migration is the process of moving data from one system to another. While this might seem pretty straightforward, it involves a change in storage and database or application. In the context of the extract/transform/load (ETL) process, any data migration will involve at least the transform and load steps.

Another common reason for migration is to move from an outdated system or legacy systems to a system that is designed for modern data needs. In the age of big data, new storage techniques are a necessity. For example, a company might choose to move from a legacy SQL database to a data lake or another flexible system

In order to migrate the database, there are two steps:
  1. Step One—Perform a MySQL Dump. Before transferring the database file to the new VPS, we first need to back it up on the original virtual server by using the mysqldump command. ...
  2. Step Two—Copy the Database. SCP helps you copy the database. ...
  3. Step Three—Import the Database.

Cloud DMS

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