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Cloud Management Portal

Receiving and Unpacking Hardware

CMP dashboards and reporting features help streamline costs, avoid surprises and maximize efficiency.

Manage Usage and Plan Capacity

Get meaningful trend insights for budgeting and capacity planning.

Get Crystal Clear Billing Transparency

Manage all your subscriptions using one simple interface.

Get Crystal Clear Billing Transparency

Manage all your Azure subscriptions using one simple interface.

Features & Capabalities

View All Subscription in One page

Performance Analysis

Optimize VM Scale and Size

Mine Your Cloud Data

Strategize Failure Capacity and Usage

Report builder

Benefits of Cloud Management Portal

Speed up efficiency and adoption

Your hybrid cloud strategy with flexibility for developers without comprising IT resource control.

Govern enterprise-class cloud services

Right business activities with policies and rules consistent with the rest of the enterprise.

Reduce resource costs

Your hybrid cloud strategy with flexibility for developers without comprising IT resource control.Continual process Improvements and a unified, transparent view of usage and provider spending.

Unified Cloud Management Services

management portal




A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine emulated on a dedicated host with the help of a hypervisor like KVM. In Cloud VPS environments, more than one VPS sits on a single dedicated host. And all the resources like RAM, CPU, and storage are shared among multiple VPS. Sometimes, this causes resource congestion and will lead to a bad performance of websites and applications. An SDS is also a Virtual Machines. But the difference is, only one virtual machine sits on a dedicated host. So, all the resources are dedicatedly available to that one single VM. That is why an SDS is highly reliable and ensures good performance.

A Bare Metal Server is a physical server without any virtualization.


Within a few minutes, if not seconds, you can launch a server through our 24×7 self-service portal.


Yes, but we determine this on a case by case basis. You may get in touch with our sales team at (+91-22-4007-4555). Alternatively, you can type your query in the chat box available in the bottom-right corner.


Yes, that is possible. The process is quite similar to how you migrate from one VPS to another.


We do not charge any setup fee. However, the billing will start as soon as you launch a service.


We have dedicated a team, which consists of highly experienced individuals, that works around the clock to ensure all the services are running as expected.


There is no such limit. However, we recommend you to do proper testing to understand how your websites work and choose the best server accordingly. We also offer pre-installed cPanel® on our smart dedicated servers with WHM® Access.


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