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XcellSecureSM | Employee Monitoring

Your data is your most important asset.Keep it safe with Safetica.
Safetica prevents data leaks so that your customer data doesn’t land in someone else’s hands.
Your company needs data security software that guarantees your rules will be followed, your important data is secured and your processes are transparent.

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Safetica. Auditor

Identify security risks in your company

₹2,208 /User/Year

number of endpoints
Security Audit
Regulatory compliance audit
Real-time notifications of security incidents
Office 365 file and e-mail audit
Audit of work with sensitive files
Summary of app and website activity
Network, email, and print audit
Overview of user behavior
macOS file, device, web and application audit
Safetica. Platform
Instant warning sent by email
Implementation in just a couple of hours
A well-designed web administration console
Integration with ActiveDirectory and SIEM
Integration with Fortinet network security products
Security settings for company/department/employee
Export reports to PDF and XLS
Integration with Microsoft 365 and Azure AD

With Safetica, what’s yours stays yours.

Safetica is a cost-effective, easy-to-use Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution. It performs security audits, prevents sensitive data from leaving your company and sheds
light on what is going on in your organization. Safetica can be deployed in a matter of hours – it secures your information quickly and easily.

Data protection

Protect your critical data and control who can access it.

Company overview

Identify problems in internal processes and implement solutions.

Behavior analysis

Discover how your employees work, print and use expensive software.

Device control

Define which devices can be used and eliminate risks of BYOD.

Regulatory compliance

Easily comply with information protection security acts.

There are lots of ways to lose control of your data

Ever sent an e-mail to the wrong person? Or lost a USB drive? Data leaks can certainly be accidental, but sometimes, even frequently, data is leaked on purpose. All it
takes is one unsatisfied employee.

E-mail Cloud Hardware Internet Media Mobile Social Media Clipboard
Attachments Office 365 USB drives Web CD / DVD / Blu-ray Mobile phone Facebook Drag & drop
Webmail Google Drive Memory Cards p2p Print Tablet Twitter Screenshot
E-mail client Box FTP Laptop Google+ Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v
Dropbox torrent IM

Cloud Drives Faster Application Development

Evaluate and minimize risky actions

See what your employees are actually doing while they are at work.

Safetica gives you a comprehensive overview of how work time is being spent. You can see if your employees are using their assigned office programs or if they are surfing the web and hanging out on social networks. Safetica provides you with accurate statistics about both individuals and departments, and if something suspicious is going on, you are notified immediately. So you can nip inefficiency in the bud.

Spend your IT budget wisely

Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary printing and unused software licenses.

Reduce waste and save on operating costs. Safetica gives you the information you need so that you can ensure that your expensive licenses and internet network are being used efficiently.

Key functions of Safetica Auditor

In-depth, easy-to-read, 1-click reports

Activity monitoring on terminal servers

Active vs. inactive application usage

Work related and non-work related activities

Regular reports & immediate notifications delivered to your inbox

Full compliance with European law on employee privacy protection


Audit sensitive company data
Ensure policy compliance
Compare employees objectively
Increase employee efficiency
Reduce costs for print and internet
Get a quick return on investment
Find out whether software licenses are used efficiently
Get an overview of what’s going on in your company
Save HR costs

Detect hidden security threats, quickly and easily

Insight into regulatory compliance incidents
in your company
Audit of sensitive files identifies hidden
security risks
Software and hardware analysis
saves resources
Eliminate unneeded expensive
software licenses
Objectively analyze user behavior and
employee productivity
Determine if employees are using company equipment for non-work related purposes
See which employees are looking for a new job and reduce the risks of data leaks

Safetica Auditor gives you a comprehensive overview
of your company

PC energy efficiency
Export to PDF and XLS

How Safetica works?

Safetica Auditor collects your employees‘ endpoint data and stores it on your servers. Managers can access the data on their console at any time. Safetica Auditor also operates on computers outside of the company network (laptops). Through precise permissions settings, you can ensure that collected data will only be accessible to authorized managers.


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Employee Monitoring comprehensive tracking functionality can capture any user activity.

-Dinesh Dave

Employee Monitoring excels as time tracking solution for remote workers.

-Arun Dharula

Attractive pricing and an efficient user interface make Xcellhost Employee Monitoring a solid employee monitoring and analytics tool that's squarely focused on worker productivity.

-Ankita vora


It’s important to get your head around what the best PC monitoring software does - and what it doesn't do. Because there’s often some confusion. At times, both managers and employees think of it as nothing more than basic employee surveillance. But, as you’re about to see, it’s so much more than that.

With the best PC monitoring software, you’re able to identify unproductive workers, discover which apps, websites, and software your team uses most, track every minute of time and attendance, and so much more. Best of all, team monitoring software delivers this data as actionable insights and trends that you can use to constantly enhance team performance.

Imagine having an all-seeing, all-knowing manager on your team. You’ve just imagined modern work monitoring software.

With today’s powerful employee tracking software, it’s possible (and effortless) to monitor:
     - Email
     - App & website usage
     - Computer activity
     - Time & attendance
     - Time on projects & tasks
     - Screenshots

With the employee monitoring software, tracking happens automatically and in real-time. Then every byte of data from your entire team is delivered to an intuitive dashboard that’s as easy to use as reading an email.

Here are five ways you can monitor employees during work hours:
  • Video Surveillance. Commonly used for workplace surveillance, CCTV cameras help identify unusual employee behavior or potential security issues. ...
  • Network And Email Monitoring. ...
  • Keycards And Biometric Terminals. ...
  • GPS Tracking. ...
  • Employee Monitoring Software.

Email monitoring is allowed for employers provided a certain criteria are met, including: Have a legitimate reason for email monitoring. ... Warn employees clearly in advance that their emails will be monitored, and the reasons for monitoring

Safetica Auditor logs employee computer activity and safely stores the logs on your server. It even tracks employee activity on devices that aren’t connected to your company network. You can access Auditor reports at any time — even from your smart phone — giving you easy to understand information about possible security threats or productivity issues. So whether you or your employees are at work or away, you can be sure that they’re doing your business safely.

Under the US Federal Law, employers have the right to monitor their employees as they perform their duties. There is no federal law in the US that requires employers to notify their staff that they are being monitored.

Employee Monitoring

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