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Use any device to securely access your files,
share data and create time-saving workflows.

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XcellCloud | File Cloud

Use any device to securely access your files, share data & create time-saving workflows.

Work The way you want. Secure Collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Keep Your Team Productive & Your Data Safe

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Custom Branding
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Mobile Applications
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Office 365 Co-Editing
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Outlook & Gmail Plugins
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Feedback & Approvals Workflows

File storage and sharing are just the beginning

Be organized

Bring traditional files, cloud content, share file Paper docs, and web shortcuts together in one place—and work the way that works for you.

Stay focused

Personalized suggestions give you files and folders when you need them so you spend less time searching.

Get in sync

Coordinate with your team and push projects forward with the tools you use every day—all within share file.

Get in sync

Coordinate with your team and push projects forward with the tools you use every day—all within share file.

Key Features

Self-Hosted or Hosted by Us

Run FileCloud on your infrastructure, with full control over your data.
AWS and Azure:
Self-host FileCloud on AWS, AWS GovCloud and Azure. Pre-built FileCloud images are available on AWS and Azure marketplaces
Flexible Storage:
Supports local storage (Disk, Network Shares, CIFS/NFS) and cloud storage. Can connect to multiple storage endpoints
Object Storage:
Supports AWS S3, Azure Blob, Wasabi, EMC ECS and other S3 compatible storage systems. Both primary (managed) and file gateway (Network share) storage modes are supported

Integrate with Existing Fileservers

Active Directory (AD):
Integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP to synchronize user accounts and groups
NTFS Permissions:
Allow remote access to existing Windows File servers preserving user NTFS permissions
Branch Office Support:
Provide fast access to files to remote branch offices while reducing network latency
Full Text Search:
Seamlessly find documents by searching through file content even in your existing file shares


Broadcast Your Brand:
Bring your business front and center with your branding and logos in the web and mobile
Own Domain:
Run FileCloud under your own domain, for example files.abccompany.com
White Label:
Customize all aspects of FileCloud, including login pages, emails, messages and newsfeed.
FileCloud supports English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italian


Ransomware Protection:
Heuristic file content scanning engine to detect and block Ransomware
Encryption at Rest and in Transit:
Full encryption of files at rest and encryption of all communication during transit
Anti-Virus Scanning:
Automatic anti-virus scanning of files when uploading. Integrate with any enterprise anti-virus (e.g. Symantec) that supports ICAP
FIPS 140-2:
FileCloud meets very high security standards. FileCloud is FIPS 140-2 validated by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – a requirement for many US federal implementations.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):
Add an extra layer of protection when logging in using email or Google Authenticator
Single Sign-On (SSO):
Integrated SAML 2.0, Microsoft NTLM and Microsoft ADFS login support. SSO for desktop clients
SIEM Integration:
FileCloud can integrate with Enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. This allows system administrators to monitor FileCloud alerts and audit events (What, When, Who and How) in one central place for ease of security management and complete protection.
Supports HIPAA, FINRA, FIPS 140-2 and GDPR. ‘Pattern Search’ to search for personal data across users


File Locking:
Users can lock or checkout files to avoid conflicting changes
Design custom workflows to automate business processes using simple ‘If this, then that (IFTTT)’ steps
Smart Notifications:
Alerts users when shared files or folders are changed
Enable conversations around files
Activity Stream:
Allows users to view and track file activity
Restrict File Uploads:
Easily restrict the types of files that can be uploaded. You can create either a list of allowed file extensions or a list of blocked file extensions.

Ideal for MSPs

Multi-Tenancy architecture for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and large enterprises
High Availability:
Scales effortlessly and offers failover capability to maximize uptime

Sync, Share and Mobile Access

Remote Access:
Allows users to access, share, sync company files and documents from anywhere and any device
Syncs content across computers and smart phones, replacing Dropbox or Box.net
Mobile Apps:
Allow access to files from iOS, Android and Windows Phone
Mount your remote files as a network share in Windows Explorer

Content Management

Custom Metadata:
Define custom Metadata sets with attributes of different data types (text, date, list, Boolean etc.)
Default Metadata:
Attach mandatory Metadata elements to all the files created and added to FileCloud
Auto Classify Enterprise Content:
Utilize built-in search patterns to identify personally identifiable information (PII). Our flexible content-classification engine lets customers create custom search patterns and metadata sets for business-related document classifications.
Search Using Metadata:
Users can discover files faster using Metadata search
Automatic Metadata Extraction:
FileCloud provides automatic extraction of embedded metadata within image files which can be used to search, categorize and manage images.
Automate your PII/PHI/PCI Discovery
Find personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), payment card information (PCI) and other sensitive content quickly. Use Federated search to find sensitive content across user home folders and team folders.

File Sharing

Advanced Sharing:
Public and Private sharing with expiration dates and other global policies
Built-in Document Preview:
Preview documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF) and DICOM medical images (e.g. X-rays, scans) directly in the browser
Email Files (.eml) Viewer:
Users can upload, view and forward the email files(.eml extension) directly within FileCloud.
Large File Support:
Upload and share large files with no size limit
Granular Folder/Sub Folder Permissions:
/images/reasons29.svg Designed to fit any existing file share structure and permission hierarchy

Office, Outlook Add-ons

DocIQ supports automatic file-lock management, collaboration through comments, share management and version visibility for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents
MS Outlook Add-on:
Automatically upload large file attachments to FileCloud and send a share link
Microsoft Office Add-on:
Edit and Save documents directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
Edit in the Browser:
Integrate with Microsoft Office Online server or LibreOffice to open and edit documents in the browser
Office Mobile Apps:
Edit documents on mobile using Microsoft Office iOS and Android mobile Apps

Administrator Features

User Management:
Manage users, groups, storage quotas, granular security policies
Role-based Access:
Delegate admin operations to fellow system administrators
Powerful REST APIs:
Integrate with FileCloud in minutes and create apps on top of FileCloud platform
File Analytics and Reports
Get insights on your business and collaboration, e.g., usage trends, access by geo, and content mix
Device Management:
Manage all connected devices
Full Audit Logs:
HIPAA compliant audit trail

Data Loss Prevention

Remote Wipe:
Remotely wipe or block devices to prevent unauthorized access if devices get lost or stolen
Endpoint Backup:
Securely backup and restore files across all platforms including automatic media backup from mobile devices
File Versioning:
Automatic unlimited versioning of files so you can always rollback
Recycle Bin:
Recover accidentally deleted files
View Only File Sharing:
Prevent download, printing or copy/paste
Smart DLP:
Prevents data leaks in real time and can save enterprises from huge compliance fines.

Low Cost of Ownership

Free Client Accounts:
Unlimited free client accounts (web only accounts) for secure sharing
Simple Pricing:
Simple pricing structure including all maintenance, support and updates

Governance and Compliance

FileCloud’s content life cycle management, Smart Classification and DLP capabilities help enterprises comply with an array of data security regulations such as HIPAA, FINRA, ITAR, GDPR, CCPA and others.
Smart Classification:
Our Smart Classification engine automatically sorts your content into logical categories within minutes. Find personally identifiable PII, PHI, PCI and other sensitive content quickly using our Smart Classification Engine.
Content Retention Policies:
Create policies to automate content life cycle management from creation to archival and disposition. FileCloud offers flexible content policies including retention, archival, legal and admin hold.
Smart DLP:
Smart DLP brings real time data leak prevention capabilities closer to the content and users to offer 360* protection.

Everything you need to work the way you want

Securely store, send and sync—without the restrictions.s

Access and share all your files and documents in a few simple clicks. Limitless storage, a convenient email plugin and the ability to send large files—without clogging email—help accelerate productivity. Plus, bank-level encryption capabilities protect emails in transit and at rest.


File Sharing

Secure File Sharing

Access, sync and share all types of files online from any device.


Data Subject Access Request

Respond to data subject access requests without undue delay.

web server

Retire Windows File Servers

Decommission your file servers and move the content to XcellHost for a fast and easy way to modernize your infrastructure.


Desktop Collaboration

The fastest way to access and share your content from the desktop, whether online or offline.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Collaboration

You have no need to sync between location. There will be a centralised location of data for multiple locations, with one tally license being used for multiple locations.


Microsoft Integrations

XcellHost integrates with Microsoft Azure Cloud Storage, Active Directory, Key Vault, as well as SharePoint Online, Office 365, Online, and Mobile.


Cross-office Sync

Enable cross-office project team collaboration by syncing multiple storage systems across multiple offices, anywhere in the world.


Project Collaboration

Create secure online shared folders to instantly collaborate with colleagues and partners.

Productivity e discovery

Remote Office Productivity

Don't let bandwidth limitations and distributed data slow down file sharing for your satellite offices.

File Transfer

Customer File Transfer

Download, manage and send files of any type or size.

Business Comm

Business Continuity

Provide employees with uninterrupted file access and sharing, even without Internet connectivity.


Web Collaboration

Access and share your content from the desktop using any browser, without having to install software.


Provide secure access to enterprise data from any device

  • Multiple ways to access data securely: Web access, Sync, Remote Drive, Mobile Apps, Outlook Add-on
  • Private dropbox like sync to employees and partners
  • Alternative to archaic VPN and FTP

Get total control, privacy and security

  • Keep data within your company, retaining full control of the data
  • Detailed audit capabilities to meet regulations (HIPAA, HITECH & FINRA)
  • Complete control over file sharing among employees, vendors, customers

Protect business critical data

  • Powerful administrator tools to manage users, devices, activities
  • Protect your data using endpoint backup and versioning
  • Prevent data leaks using remote mobile wipe / block features

Customize to reflect organization’s brand

  • Highly available, scalable, multi-tenant architecture
  • Complete white label EFSS solution, superior customization options including mobile customization to build your organization’s brand
  • Ideal for IT managed service providers and value added resellers.

Integrate easily with existing IT Systems

  • Works with Network shares, Active Directory, NTLM SSO
  • Seamless integration with existing NTFS file permissions
  • Powerful APIs to integrate with your business processes

Maximize your ROI

  • Leverage your existing investment in IT infrastructure
  • Best value among file sharing solutions
  • All inclusive pricing that includes software updates and support

Do your best work with best-of-breed tools

Build a best-of-breed tech stack with File Cloud as the secure content layer across your favorite business apps. From Microsoft Office 365 to G Suite to Salesforce, we seamlessly integrate with 1,400+ tools that are core to collaboration and business processes, so you can create a winning digital workplace.

Best Of Breads share file 01

talk to our cloud expert

Secure Tally Cloud Server - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

Ease of sharing files using links and setting access controls for these links

-kalpesh dave

Enterprise-level controls for an administrator via policies

-jayesh sharma

llows for quick collaboration with others who must evaluate work.

-deepa kulkarni


With ‘Deleted Files’ (recycle bin) Turned on:
When an user deletes a file and if administrator has turned on FileCloud’s ‘Deleted Files’ (Recycle bin) feature, then the file will be moved to recycle bin (a soft delete). The user can recover the file from recycle bin. Once a file moves into recycle bin, the file stays in the recycle bin till the user deletes the file from the recycle bin or administrator empties the recycle bin. If user deletes files from recycle bin or administrator empties recycle bin, then file will be purged permanently (a hard delete).
If the files are larger than the default size (set in FileCloud administrator portal), then files will be permanently deleted.

Note: Recycle bin only holds the most recent deleted file version. A new deleted file will replace any other older versions with same name and file path in the recycle bin.

FileCloud comes with the ability to store previous versions of a file (versioning stores older versions only when a new version of a file has the same name and path as the older file). If the administrator has turned off this versioning feature, then older file versions will not be retained.
If the administrator has turned on the versioning feature, the older versions will be retained until any of the following actions

  • The user deletes the previous versions from the UI.
  • The original file is deleted. When a file is sent to a recycle bin or permanently deleted, its previous versions are permanently deleted.
  • The administrator deletes the older versions.

FileCloud uses IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service) service provider’s features to maintain data redundancy. Additionally, critical FileCloud data is backed-up every 24 hrs.

FileCloud is secure and safe file sharing program which always strive to give its user the best and secure storage services. FileCloud offers features such as easy collaboration, data management, synchronization and administrator features which ensure complete data protection and security.

If you cancel your FileCloud Online paid account, your files, and account data will be marked for deletion from our servers after 30 days. After the 30-day mark, files can no longer be recovered.
If you need an immediate data deletion, you can request it by contacting support (support@xcellhost.cloud).

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