Changing the way you work remotely

Bringing together the best of Office 365 to empower you to chat, meet, share files, and work together with business apps, here's a great opportunity to test drive and enjoy the full-featured Microsoft Teams collaboration experience in your everyday work lives with these great benefits:

  • Microsoft Office online Applications
  • Online File Storage
  • Document Sharing
  • Co-authoring
  • Video & Text Chat
  • Teams Meetings
  • Third-party Application Integration

It's really easy to get up and running, so start your free trial today!

Microsoft Teams Free Trial

As traditional working environments quickly evolve, Microsoft Teams is the hub for putting the teamwork back into remote work. Experience the full power of modern collaboration and integrated cloud workloads for six months, for free, without any commitment.

Collaborate on tasks and manage projects right in Microsoft Teams

Conversations drive collaboration, yet it can be difficult to tie them back to work: topics are overlooked, action items go unrecorded, and new work can lack structure and a clear plan. With Teams, Microsoft created a workspace that acts as a hub for teamwork, making it easier to connect with work. And Microsoft Teams builds on this by enabling you to transform conversations into structured work and collaborate on Wrike Projects and Tasks right in Microsoft Teams, ensuring that your team can perform their best and accomplish more.
Accomplish more in Microsoft Teams

Start your free 6 month trial today

Our 6 month trial offer is completely free. If you're not using it as much as you expected, then no problem. There's no hidden costs and after the trial period finishes, that's it. However, if you've discovered a great new way to take on the working world by using Teams, check out our Microsoft Products that offer this great service or contact our support team who will be more than happy to help you


Microsoft Teams

$0.00 /month

  • ✔ Office Online
  • ✔ Flow for Office 365 Plan 1
  • ✔ Forms
  • ✔ Microsoft Whiteboard
  • ✔ PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1
  • ✔ Stream

The hub for teamwork in Microsoft 365

Invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are.

Chat from anywhere

Share your opinion, and your personality. Send gifs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or in one-to-one messages.

Meet from anywhere

Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of 10 or 10,000 can meet in one place, no matter how many places they’re in.

Call from anywhere

Never yell “who just joined?!” ever again. Use Teams calling, Phone System, Calling Plan, or Direct Routing to take the stress out of conference calls.

Collaborate from anywhere

Never do that frantic, searching-for-files thing ever again. In Teams you can access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time.


The free trial lasts 6 months from activation of the tenant and it's absolutely free with no hidden costs. The duration is tracked from the first user, meaning that a user added to a trial that was initiated five months ago will only have one month of free usage remaining.

The free trial supports up to 1000 users. If you require more than this, please contact our sales team who will be happy to help find the ideal solution for your needs.

For a free trial, your account moves into a grace status for 30 days in most countries and regions. There is no financial commitment on your part, so if you decide not to buy Office 365, you can either cancel your trial or let the grace period expire, and your trial account information and data are deleted.

For each license assigned to a user in the trial they will be provisioned additional backend services that enable them to experience the full value of Microsoft Teams. This includes:

  • Exchange Foundation
  • Flow for Office 365 Plan 1
  • Forms
  • Microsoft Planner
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Microsoft Teams (Teams1, Teams IW)
  • Office Online
  • PowerApps for Office 365 Plan 1
  • SharePoint Online Kiosk
  • Stream
  • Sway

Yes. Both team video and chat are available in Microsoft Teams.


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