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XcellHost simplifies management of the new infrastructure & platform with comprehensive
Managed Services for Azure, thereby expediting business transformation and enabling innovation.

Cloud Assessment

  • Protfolio Evaluation
  • KPI Framework
  • TCO / ROI Analysis
  • Cloud Maturity Heat-Map

Cloud Migration

  • Environment Migration
  • Automation Tools
  • Migration & Launch
  • Train & Document

Managed Services

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Certified Expert Support
  • Customized Solutions
  • Reports & Monitoring

Cloud Optimization

  • Performance
  • Reliability
  • Cost
  • Operational Excellence

Cloud Monitoring

  • End-to-end Monitoring
  • Maintenance Efficiency
  • Flexible Alarms
  • Visual Dashboard

Managed DevOps

  • Continuously Iteratee
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Development Environments
  • Staging Environments

Managed Security

  • Security Monitoring
  • Security Management
  • Advanced Threat Service
  • Vulnerability Management

Management Portal

  • Performance Analysis
  • Optimize VM Scale and Size
  • Mine Your Cloud Data
  • Strategize Future Capicity

Cloud Billing

  • Integrated Dashboard
  • Scale UP & Down
  • Metered Biling
  • Manage Subscriptions

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IT Management & Security
24x7 Unlimited Service Desk
Immediate Access to Expert IT Advice
Advanced Troubleshooting (Apps, Systems, Networks)
Microsoft Office 365 and/or G-Suite Mgmt & Admin
Installs, Adds, Moves, Changes, Deletions
Software Application Support
Third Party Vendor Support
Workstation Prep
On Site Remediation Optional
Network Monitoring and Management
Managed Workstation (PCs and Macs)
Operating System Patch Management
Third Party Patch Management
Maintenance Automation
Secure Remote Support
Inventory Reporting
Premium Managed Server **
24x7 Server Monitoring & Remediation
Operating System Patch Mgmt
Maintenance Automation
Secure Remote Support
Anti Virus
Anti Malware
Enhanced Email Security
Email antivirus
Spam filtering
Mail bagging
Backup and Disaster Recovery Management
Managed DNS Optional
Hardware and Software Procurement
Phone System Support
Dedicated Account Manager
IT Strategy Session optional
Enhanced Security
Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) optional optional
Email Encryption optional optional
Phishing Prevention & Security Training optional optional
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and E-Discovery *** optional optional
Business Continuity Planning optional optional
IT User Policy optional optional
Security Incident Response Plan optional optional
Disaster Recovery Failover Testing (Annual) optional optional optional
24x7 Intrusion Detection and Response optional optional optional
Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response optional optional optional
Real-time Vulnerability Management optional optional optional
vCISO optional optional optional
Additional IT Services
Cloud Back Up and Disaster Recovery optional optional optional
Microsoft Office 365 and/or G- Suite Licensing optional optional optional
Cloud Virtual Server Hosting (IaaS) optional optional optional
Data Center Hosting / Colocation optional optional optional
Cloud Hosted Desktop (DaaS) optional optional optional
Advanced Network Monitoring optional optional optional
Co-Managed IT optional optional optional


To have the competitive edge, enterprises have to be technologically advanced. However, managing more and more complex IT systems becomes a challenge.

  • Significant expenses on additional IT specialists and maintaining the IT infrastructure fully operable, updated and secure.
  • Reduced focus on core services. You spend time and money on technology and top-class IT team, instead of developing your primary competencies

XcellHost is ready to become your managed service provider (MSP) to help you escape these challenges

  • Smooth transition from your in-house team or another MSP
  • IT service availability improvement
  • Information security
  • User satisfaction for a reasonable price

remote Infrastructure Management Services

Hardware and Network

Magento Module Development Hardware and Network Our IT Infrastructure Management Services are best in the category, scalable and affordable. With a team that has thousands of hours of experience in developing customized and versatile modules, you get products that match 100% with specifications given by you.

  • Server Management
  • Network Management
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery
  • VPN
  • High Availability
  • Remote Installation

Software & Application

Managing complexities and challenges of running the business without downtime and providing timely updates to existing applications on clouds and server remotely from secure environment. Doing routine tasks of software and application infrastructure for software updates and security checks

  • Automation
  • Print Server
  • Web Server
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Containers
  • Antivirus
  • File Server
  • FTP Server
  • Backup

Virtualization & Security

Keeping your Network and IT infrastructure running with real-time checks for greater security. Performing compliance audits regularly and frequently to keep the network secure along with that managing virtual management systems with balanced resource allocations to optimize operational efficiency and automate infrastructure virtualization.

  • Firewall
  • Proxy Server
  • Log Analysis
  • Hyper Visors
  • Single Sign on
  • Identity Access Management
  • Compliance – HIPAA, ISMS 27001
  • VA/PT

Networking & monitoring

Providing complete Access Control over devices and users in real-time to ensure enhanced security. Our Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) Team proactively monitor and manage apps, servers, systems and virtual infrastructure. Wide range of solutions for dynamic business requirements with easy scale-up of network operations and assets in a systematic and audited manner.

  • Routing
  • Security
  • Concepts
  • OpenNMS
  • VPN
  • Nagios
  • CloudWatch
  • ZenCSS

Key Technical & Operational Competency




NFS, Samba, FTP, etc.

VPN Services

Log Analysis

Mail Server



Linux Virtual Server (LVS)

Windows & Database


Active Directory & FTP.





Windows RDS

Webservers & Scripting












Networking & monitoring

















OpenSource ERP

And many more...

Cloud & Automation

Amazon AWS








And Many More...


Server Management

Network Management


Disaster Recovery


High Availability



Remote Installation



Print Server

Directory Server

Web Server

Application Containers


File Server

FTP Server




Proxy Server

Log Analysis

Hyper Visors

Single Sign on

Identity Access Management

Compliance – HIPAA, ISMS 27001












Our capabilities include:

Network Operations Centers

Network Operations Center:

IT infrastructure is the backbone of business and keeping the infra up and running is very important. Monitoring the infrastructure is the first level where the incidents can be stopped and the impact can be avoided.

With our dedicated NOC setup and experienced professionals we ensure that the infrastructure is monitored 24 hours 365 days. Our team of experienced professionals ensure that the server health is always green and there is no degradation of services. This is achieved by continuous monitoring and integration of the right tools and processes. Our team identifies the issues and acts on it even before it gets triggered. Xcellhost offerings include:

  • Dedicated NOC setup
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Dedicated incident managers
  • Integration of right tools in environment
  • Process setup and improvements
  • Technical documentation
  • 24x7 resource availability
  • End-to-end ownership of incidents

Data Center Management:

With our expertise and highly skilled professionals we provide end-to-end data center management. Be it in premise or cloud, we ensure that all the incidents and requests are addressed rightly within the stipulated time. With our stringent SLAs in place we ensure the highest quality standards. Our services include:

Data center design and architecture: We provide assistance for improving the existing infrastructure or even if the need is to migrate or build it from scratch. Our team of architects and Center of Excellence have experienced architects who will take care of all your needs right from building the infrastructure to optimization.

Server administration:

With our stringent SLAs and experienced and certified professionals we ensure the infrastructure is always up and running with 99.999% uptime. Our dedicated team provides round the clock support to the infrastructure and owns the tickets/incidents to closure. We provide:

  • Windows administration
  • UNIX administration
  • Security and patch management
  • Application support
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Vendor coordination
  • Infrastructure optimization
  • Cost optimization

Cloud administration and DevOps:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google cloud
  • Cost optimization
  • Infrastructure scaling
  • Managing cloud services
  • Automation
  • Right tools integration
  • Deployment and migration
  • Release management

Storage & back up administration

  • Setup and storage provisioning
  • Manage and monitor storage activities
  • Back up management

Database Administration

remote infrastructure management services Challenges We Address

Customer’s demand to extend the scope of managed IT services

XcellHost’s customers are free to entrust any scope of IT management functions to our team. We have a wide range of competences and capacity reserve allowing us to handle load increase.

Inefficient reactive approach to handling IT issues

Like our customers, we prefer to prevent problems rather than cope with their outcomes. So, instead of a break/fix approach we provide value-based managed IT services to keep IT operations up and running.

Threat to customer’s data security

Having a deep access to customers’ sensitive data and commitment to keep it safe, XcellHost follows customer’s security policy and apply our own security measures. This provides additional level of protection to ensure that the data is not accessed and tampered with unsolicited third parties or altered by ransomware.

Rigid SLA

XcellHost doesn’t keep its customers trapped in a service level agreement (SLA) when their business strategy and IT needs change. We are open to discuss and alter the terms of a managed service contract and adapt our IT services to any of those changes.

Hallmarks of IT Managed Services by XcellHost

  • Reliability It is ensured by certified IT specialists, advanced monitoring systems and SLA.
  • Assuring high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Flexibility and transparency of pricing policy and SLA.
  • Adapting to industry specificity.


Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that are used for application management and hosting at global level in any of the Microsoft datacenters in the world. The Azure platform can be leveraged to bring your own custom solutions, or to choose from a collection of applications specially designed for Azure platform.

Organizations can move archiving requirements to Azure at attractive price points. They can move the collaboration software like SharePoint to Azure or host their website content on Azure. You can build applications, increase business agility, and scale globally with Azure.

At times, Azure can be a very complicated platform. It can take a while to understand the entire platform comprehensively. Your IT team may need to spend hours to understand Azure completely. There are wide range of options available for Azure deployment, which can overwhelm a first-time user. Also, the Azure platform is unmanaged.

Our Microsoft-certified experts at XcellHost will help you understand the Azure platform, guiding you with all the technical nuances that come with Azure management. We will provide server management, platform management, and instance management that includes patching, OS hardening, 24/7 monitoring, automatic backup and updates, disaster recovery etc.

In short: We take care of your Azure, so that you can take care of your main business.

Even if you purchase Azure directly from Microsoft, there is a lot of technical expertise required for setup, deployment and operations of Azure. Managing Azure is very complicated without proper support. XcellHost takes care of everything from beginning to the end, leaving you completely relieved.

We are a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. Many of our engineers have worked with Microsoft in the past, so you can be very sure of getting the excellent value out of it. When you sign-up with XcellHost, you don’t pay anything additional for the infrastructure. Your pricing remains the same as Microsoft.

We have two types of Azure management plans:

1. Managed Azure Base
2.Managed Azure Advanced

Managed Azure Basic:

1. Basic 24/7 Monitoring

2. 1 Hour/Month Support

3. No OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. No I/O Monitoring Available

5. No Managed Backup Available

6. No Health Checks Available

Managed Azure Advanced:

1. Advanced 24/7 Monitoring

2. 2 Hour/Month Support

3. OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. Read/Write I/O Monitoring Available

5. Managed Backup Available

6. Health Checks Available

Note: All our plans include 24/7 support via phone, chat and e-mail.

XcellHost will be a single point of contact for all your Azure requirements. We have a dedicated team working round-the-clock to provide 24/7 support via email, phone or chat. We typically respond within an hour of raising ticket. Some cases that require attention from our engineers can take upto 24 hours. In very rare cases which require escalation to Microsoft, it may take a little longer.

Apart from our impressive track record in managed cloud services and round-the-clock support, we claim to have the lowest prices in the market.

We are Microsoft Partners with Gold competency for “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions” along with Silver competency in “Cloud Platform” and “Cloud Productivity.” With more than 10,000 installations spanning across 90+ countries,XcellHost is a force to reckon with in the cloud industry.

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Business email

Business Email

Our Business Email package comes with a storage space of 5GB per account. This is dedicated to file storage and also backs up all your mails on our state of the art infrastructure, making sure you never experience a loss of mails

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