XcellCamMonSM | CCTV Remote Health Monitoring System

Businesses face several challenges when it comes to the security of their organization, their assets, and their employees.
Keeping an eye on your infrastructure to grow your business more better & easier.

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(Without Photographs)

₹5400 /Yr

Giving health report Daily

Giving alert to customer via Email

Storing logs for 7 days

Web access to enduser

Hourly checking health of customer device

(With Photographs)

₹7400 /Yr

Giving health report Daily

Giving alert to customer via Email

Storing logs and snap for 7 days

Web access to enduser

Giving 5 min checking health of customer device and taking Snap health report Daily

Key Solutions

CCTV Monitoring

The installer gets on an average 15-20 calls pertaining to maintenance everyday. The installer sends his engineer to the site to check the problem, after inspection the engineer needs to sometimes go back to site to get proper equipment or replacements.Moreover the installer has no idea about his existing DVR setup’s.

  • Checks number of camera and devices in the deployed available network.
  • Auto alerts failures of system & network.
  • Time check an synchronization.

Edge Device Monitoring

Checks uptime of system. Captures screenshot. Application Monitoring.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring of all IT asset
  • Asset tracking

RHMS: Parameter Checks

RHMS alerts on failure detection of Camera for Digital & Network Video Recorders Updates Administration with type of fault with Occurrence Time. Recording Last & Latest Status for connected DVRs.

  • Asset Count
  • Port Scan
  • Http Rtsp Router
  • Analytics Data
  • Device & Connections Communication, Camera, Disk
  • Blur Green

Image Capture Management

Image Capture Management Periodic Image of Image Wall of Cameras (Grouped) For eg: Regional, Zonal, and Divisional Sequential Playing of Images for Single or Multiple Camera.

  • Camera View
  • Desktop
  • Video Wall Display
  • Helps in quick glance through daily events camera wise.
  • Image Playback of Multiple Cameras seamlessly.

Hardware Monitoring

Image Capture Management Periodic Image of Image Wall of Cameras (Grouped) For eg: Regional, Zonal, and Divisional Sequential Playing of Images for Single or Multiple Camera.

  • Checks uptime of system.
  • Captures screenshot of system.
  • Video Wall Display
  • Remote Management system.
  • Remote Start system.




Preventive Maintenance


  • Routine Check
  • Real Time Alert

Monitoring Of All IT Assets


  • Asset
  • Probe

Asset Tracking


  • System Error Messege
  • History Log

Key Benefits

Timely Notification
Snap Shot Of every camera periodically
Time syncronization
Stores Snapshots Incase the system is stolen or tampered locally.

Video Analytics

Blur Detection

Detection of image quality by comparison with previous saved images and alerting on change periodically.

Obstacle Detection

Detection of obstacles in field of view like trees , hoarding on poles making analytics or camera view affected.



Audit Automated

We enable security infra and projects to get live automatic update on audit parameters on access, roles, asset and configuration.


Live Actionable

Actionable Status of IP and Non IP Devices Round the clock check


Intelligence Grouped

Grouping Device,Users for hierarchical Dashboards for effective and jurisdictions view.


Visual Intelligence

Image wall and stitched video for quick view for summarising incidence with quick escalation and notification


Event Notification

Notification on disruption of power, connection or device failure with port check and user login failures.


CameraUptimeSNAP(Proof)BlurEvent Notification
ServerApplication UptimeSNAP (Poof)Event Notification
NetworkMonitor UptimeMonitor Switch & Detect Fibre Cut
Viewing StationUptimeSNAP(Proof)Event Notification
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CCTV Remote Health Monitoring System - WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE TO SAY?

Works smoothly without any problems. Works smoothly without any problems.

-anu waliya

Best Wifi camera. Nice image quality. Using this camera from 1 year now. No complaint . Can easily work in environment.

-Sanjay Bali

Its just awesome. Its camera quality is good. It just took me 10 min to setup .

-vebhav yadav


Yes, we are able to retrieve building site surveillance footage from past events. However, because the system uses hard drive storage, 

CCTV systems are installed in your office , work environment. With advances in technology, these systems aren’t obtrusive and won’t compromise the aesthetics of the space.

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, which is a video surveillance system used to monitor/record activities in the area it covers. The footage can be viewed on the system’s monitor, with most modern systems linkable to a smartphone app so that footage can be viewed remotely.

The features of a CCTV system will depend on the complexity of the system. The main features of these systems are monitoring, recording and playback. Monitoring involves viewing the footage on the system’s monitor, recording entails the storing of CCTV footage and playback is the process of viewing the footage stored on a digital media storage device, like a computer hard drive.

Yes, we can provide you with a PC where the workspace  surveillance system can be viewed

Remote Health Check Services

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