XcellHost | Service Level Agreements

Managed Colocation

1.Power Availability:
  • YOTTA warrants 99.999% uptime on Power in the Customer Area provided Customer subscribes for dual (both primary and redundant) feed.
  • Power problem shall exist when Power is not available to both the primary and redundant outlet simultaneously and would result in a downtime when the particular device or equipment is shutdown due to the Power problem.

2.Air-conditioning Availability:
  • YOTTA warrants 99.999% uptime on Cooling in the Customer Server Hall Area.
  • The average room temperature will be maintained, between 22° Celsius and 24° Celsius on a regular basis as measured at the cold aisle containment.
  • Average relative humidity within server hall will be maintained at 50% +/- 20% as measured at the nearest PAC unit.
  • Customer shall be eligible for service credits when temperature / humidity recorded shows a deviation from the set limits for a prolonged period of time and this results in a downtime for a particular device or equipment being shutdown due to overheating.
3.Service Credits:
  • If YOTTA fails to maintain Power Availability, Air-conditioning Availability, in any whole calendar month of the Service Term, due to any act or omission of YOTTA, then the Customer is entitled to receive a credit against the Monthly Recurring Charge as set out in the SOF against such service. The Service Credits will only be paid in respect of the impacted Customer Area and only if the Monthly Recurring Charge has been paid for that month. The Service Credits are non-cumulative and cannot be carried and accumulated on month – on – month basis.

The service Credits are set out below:

Upto 99.999% No Credit
99.999% - 99.99% 5% of Monthly Recurring Charge
99.99% - 99.90% 10% of Monthly Recurring Charge
99.89% - 99.80% 15% of Monthly Recurring Charge
99.79% - 99.70% 20% of Monthly Recurring Charge
99.70% 25% of Monthly Recurring Charge
  • In order to qualify for a Service Credit, the Customer must notify YOTTA within thirty (30) days of any event giving rise to a Customer entitlement. Failure to so notify will void the Customer’s eligibility for any credit for such events.
  • If the Customer is entitled to receive credits on more than one guarantee as set forth herein due to the same service effecting incident, the maximum entitlement of the Customer shall in no case exceed the relevant percentage amount calculated on the total Monthly Recurring Charges applicable for the month.

The Service Level Guarantee shall not apply to the following Performance issues:

  • That resulted from any actions or inactions of the Customer or any third parties.
  • That resulted from the Customer’s equipment and / or third party equipment, not within the sole control of YOTTA.
  • Caused by a Force Majeure event.
  • Planned / Scheduled Maintenance for which YOTTA had provide notice of seven (7) days or more.
  • Any restrictions placed / imposed upon YOTTA by the Customer, which prevent or delay the performance of YOTTA’s obligations including but not limited to restrictions on YOTTA right to access the Customer Area resulting in YOTTA’s failure to perform necessary maintenance or emergency / supplemental work in time.