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Ultimate protection against vulnerabilities Automated, insightful, all-in-one protection.

Leverages a blend of cross-generational threat techniques to provide the broadest protection against all types of threats.

Starting @ ₹ 49 /month /user

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Endpoint Service Features Business Essentials Enterprise Essentials
Device Type Support
Windows PC – Desktop, Laptop (Agent)
Mac Laptop (Agent)
Android Smartphones (APP/Agent)
Apple iOS Smartphones (MDM Profile)
Windows Servers (Agent)
Technical Features
Active Directory Integration
Application Control (Win PC only)
Behaviour Monitoring Incl. Ransomware
Protection (Win PC only)
Component Updates
Data Loss Prevention (Win PC only)
Device Control
Endpoint Sensor
Firewall (Win PC only)
Full Disk Encryption
HTTPS Web Threat Protection
Predictive Machine Learning
Role-Based Administration
Unauthorized Change Prevention Service
(Win Desktop PCs only)
URL Filtering
Web Reputation
Service & Support Levels
Extended Business Hours Support (@ Level 2)
24*7 Support (@ Level 2)
49 / per user 99 / per user

Provides Soho/Small business with enterprise endpoint protection

Cloud-delivered for highest security effectiveness, simplicity, scalability and manageability

Industry leading endpoint cloud technology

68% of companies were hit by one or more endpoint attacks over the past 12 months

Why choose XcellHost Endpoint Security for
your business?

Available in two feature packs - Business Essentials and Enterprise Essentials - to meet your business requirements
A customised multi-MSP model with highly scalable, automated provisioning and policy configuration
Proactively stop threats before they reach your business with cloud-based protection from the Xcellhost Smart Protection Network
Easy to install and simple to use. Since it’s designed specifically for small businesses, it requires no IT expertise
Centralised visibility and control is provided so you can see what’s going on in your business
High fidelity machine learning to for greater threat detection

Ultimate protection against vulnerabilities

  • Eliminating risk exposure by shielding vulnerabilities through innovative virtual patching capabilities and world-class research
  • Extending protection to critical platforms and physical or virtual devices
  • Reducing recovery and emergency patching downtime
  • Identifying vulnerabilities based on CVE, MS-ID, and severity
  • Detecting more vulnerabilities than any other vendor by leveraging our industry-leading vulnerability research

More than just a scan, Xcellhost Vulnerability Protection uses a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to virtually patch known and unknown vulnerabilities before a patch is available or deployable

How it works

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Effective security for your sensitive data

Protect your sensitive data, on or off network, for maximum visibility and control. Endpoint encryption,* integrated DLP, and device control

  • Cover the broadest range of devices, applications, and file types
  • Assist with most regulatory compliance, including GDPR
  • Protect data with full-disk, folder, file, and removable media encryption
  • Set granular policies for device control and data management
  • Manage Microsoft® BitLocker®, and Apple® FileVault® encryption keys

Enhanced application control against malicious software

Prevent unknown and unwanted applications from executing on your corporate endpoints. Trend Micro Apex One™ Application Control allows you to

  • Block malicious software from running using customisable lockdown, whitelisting, and blacklisting policies
  • Create dynamic policies by leveraging Trend Micro’s application categorisation and reputation intelligence to reduce management overhead
  • Correlate data from millions of application events to identify threats and maintain an up-to-date database of validated applications

Extend control and visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid models

Improve protection, reduce complexity, and eliminate redundancy

Provide access to actionable threat intelligence from the Xcellhost Smart Protection Network

Automated, insightful, all-in-one protection


Xcellhost protection offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of threats, including fileless and ransomware. Our cross-generational blend of modern techniques provides highly tuned endpoint protection that maximises performance and effectiveness.


Get actionable insights, expanded investigative capabilities, and centralised visibility by using an advanced EDR toolset, strong SIEM integration, and an open API set. Perform threat investigation through integrated and extended EDR or by boosting your security teams with the managed service option.


In an evolving technological landscape, you need security that goes beyond traditional antivirus. Xcellhost offers threat detection, response, and investigation within a single agent. Eliminate multiple vendors and consoles and gain deployment flexibility through both SaaS and on-premises deployment options.

Endpoint Security Protection Actions


Integrated detection & response

Leverage techniques that allow you to discover and respond to threats before they compromise data. Extend detection and response across endpoints, email, and servers.

Sweep user timelines (telemetry) for Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to determine the impact of targeted attacks
Hunt for Indicators of Attack (IOA) and define the attacker’s intent in real time
Employ an interactive root cause analysis diagram to drill down on a detection, and respond by isolating or terminating processes and updating protection points


In Performance Cloud hosting is done on a virtual server, using a server virtualization technology. It partitions a computer virtually into multiple servers. Each user gets much more privacy and security as compared to the shared hosting i.e. you get the advantages of dedicated hosting but at considerably lower prices.

In PCS hosting India or anywhere in the world, advantages of PCS are:
  • Zero Worries: Server maintenance is done by the PCS hosting provider.
  • Safety: You get your own IP address and mail server in our best PCS hosting plans, keeping your website protected from getting affected with other website’s spamming.
  • Isolation and ownership: With your own resources and operating system, your website is totally safe. You also get root access, to have quick access and control to your PCS server.
  • Cost effective: PCS servers offer dedicated resources to your website at a considerably lower price than of dedicated server.
  • Scalability & Customization: PCS servers are quickly scalable, allowing you to customize according to the increase in website traffic.

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade and downgrade PCS plans, just email to Xcellhost.net and we’ll take care of your request.

Yes, we help migrate sites to PCS, but whether it will be free or paid, that is decided on case to case basis and depends on the number of factors like number of files, data volume, number of domains, apps, operating system and the hosting control panels.

Xcellhost virtual private servers are designed to get provisioned immediately, once we’re done with our initial consultation to deliver you the best cost-effective PCS plan.

Yes, you can install operating system or web hosting panel of your choice on XcellHost Performance Cloud Server.

In the case Windows PCS hosting, you can use Remote Desktop and in the case of Linux PCS hosting, you can use SSH (Secure Shell Access) to work on the PCS servers remotely.

Yes, you get dedicated IPs with your PCS account. With your own dedicated IP address, you can run your own web, e-mail and FTP servers.

We take backup for our internal purpose only. For taking PCS backup on automation, it is recommended to buy Acronis Cloud Backup solution from Xcellhost.


Since you have the root access of your PCS, you can install any software that is compatible with your PCS hosting plan. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy will not be allowed.


Endpoint Security

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