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Hyper Scale. Hyper Savings. If you’re looking to build a bespoke, captive Data Center, XcellHost has the expertise you need.

Infinite scalability. Captive power distribution. Best-in-class Data Center expertise and services. All combine to offer you unmatched value.
Certified Tier 4 Data Center
24x7x365 Support
Uptime Guarantee

Hyper Scale. Hyper Savings.

Infinite scalability. Captive power distribution. Best-in-class Data Center expertise and services. All combine to offer you unmatched value.

Captive Power
500 MV
50+ Acres
DC Parks
11 DC
4 Fibre
6 Million Sq.Ft
Racks Space

Yotta NM1

Step into the NM1 and you will be greeted with an intelligently designed, ultra modern building purpose built to the highest DC standards and specifications. Our state-of-the-art server floors, redundant power & connectivity, multi-tier security and top notch facilities make NM1 amongst the finest DC buildings anywhere in India.

Explore NM1

Virtual Tour Of Yotta DC Park

What are you looking for

  • Scalable Data Center
  • Enterprise Modular Data Center
  • Scalable Cloud Data Center
  • Modern Transformed Data Center

Our scalable modular Data Center consists of purpose-engineered modules and components. We offer you scalable DCs with multiple power and cooling options and modules that can be shipped, added, integrated or retrofitted into your existing Data Center.

A modular Data Center can significantly help reduce costs and IT complexity for your enterprise. At Yotta, the DCs we build offer superior quality and speed of deployment for your services while using half the energy required to set up a similar facility.

We specialise in creating end-to-end DC solutions for high density workloads. Yotta’s DC design team has proven credentials in building DCs that meet the highest quality standards and exacting requirements of hyper-scale cloud and OTT players.

Need to upgrade or revamp your existing Data Center? Yotta can help you redesign your DC to make it more agile, scalable, redundant, power efficient and future proof. Our expertise in building and operating large DCs can help unlock exceptional business value for your existing DC infrastructure.


Scalability, Flexibility, Quality leading to better Services for customer

  • Data centers at
    main international
    landing stations
    Navi Mumbai Chennai
  • Data centers at the fiber landing stations
  • Capacity to deliver
    > 150 MW of power,
    > 30000 racks, >500,000
    sq. ft. of server hall space
    at single DC park
  • Long Term scalability at same site
  • Uptime Certified
    Tier 4*
    Data centers
    (design and
  • Tier 4, Hyper Density Data centers
  • From a single
    Rack to a
    Cage, a Suite
    , a Floor or
    an entire Building
  • Wide Choice of Colo spaces
  • Redundant Large-capacity
    fiber carrying pathways
    buried under the ground
    up to nearest fiber points
    of all major telcos
  • Multiple fiber entry paths
  • Customisable Contracts,
    on both space and power
    on Large economies of scale
    on Large economies of scale
  • FlexibleContracting
  • Fit out services
    Electrical Mechanical Security BMS
    Passive Networking
    Security BMS Passive Networking
  • Wide Choice of Fitout services
  • Smart Hands Support,
    Material Handling,
    Seating cabins,
    Store rooms, Staging Rooms
  • Wide Choice of Support Services
  • One-stop-shop for all
    hosting and cloud needs Wide Array
    of Cloud and Managed IT Services
    End-to-end outsourcing
  • Wide Array of Cloud and Managed IT Services

Peering Benefits for Hoster’s


  • Global reach with single autonomous system number (ASN) 140218.
  • Yotta DC is directly connected to all major NLD as depicted in the previous slide
  • Hoster’s do not need to individually peer with other ISPs and internet exchanges and can ride on Yotta Peering.
  • Connectivity through multiple upstream service providers.
  • Peering – NIXI*, DE-CIX* (10gbps ports).
  • Dynamic routing to ensure best-route as per customer traffic requirements
  • Redundant and secured DNS servers with IPv4 and IPv6 IP’s Unique burstable bandwidth options for on demand scalability
  • Unique burstable bandwidth options for on demand scalability

Your bespoke DC experts

Infinite scalability. Captive power distribution. Best-in-class Data Center expertise and services. All combine to offer you unmatched value.

Unmatched Real
Estate Expertise
Built DCs For
Global OTT Clients
Well Established
Industry Ecosystem
Certified DC Design
& Engineering Team
19+ DC Projects



Parameter Feature
Land Area 18 acres
No. of Buildings 5
Built up Area 3 Mn sq. ft.
Racks 30,000
IT Power 150-240 MW
Total Power 225-360 MW
Design PUE 1.4
Overall Campus 600 acres, self-owned


Parameter Feature
Land Area 13 acres
No. of Buildings 4
Built up Area 1.2 Mn sq. ft.
Racks 20000
IT Power 100-160 MW
Total Power 150-240 MW
Design PUE 1.4
Overall Campus 450 acres, self-owned


Parameter Feature
Land Area 20 acres
No. of Buildings 6
Racks 25000
Total Power 150-240 MW


Combination Of Grid Utility Feed + Solar Power + Natural Gas Based Cogeneration


  • Utility Power at HT 110/220 KV
  • Own Power Distribution Infrastructure 220/110KV > 33 KV > 11 KV near DC Park
  • Own Power Distribution License for the DC Park (by Group company)
  • N+N redundant HT feeders
  • Zero Electricity Duty, Zero Tax, Lesser Losses
  • >10% savings
  • Status : Commissioned and Live


  • Solar Plant of 40 MW on Self-owned 279 acres Land (by Group company)
  • Evacuation at 33 KV to MSEDCL
  • To serve about 30% of the first Data centre of 46 MW at Navi Mumbai DC Park
  • To set up additional plants / buyout existing plants / Purchase from Exchanges
  • Additional ~10% savings (over Utility Charges)
  • Status : Under Tendering
  • Expected go-live date: Oct 2021


  • Cogeneration Natural Gas Power plant near DC Park
  • Direct Power Feed at 33 / 11 KV to Data Centre, bypassing Grid
  • Minimal distribution losses. No Grid Overheads
  • Reduced PUE (Chilled Water produced is fed into Cooling system of Data centre)
  • Additional 10-15% savings (over Utility Charges)
  • Status : UnderTechnical Feasibility by 3rd Party Consultant
  • Expected go-live date: March 2023


white space

  • Full Floor / Multiple Floors
  • Partial Floor / Suite(s)
  • High / Medium Density
  • Custom Design (option)
  • Custom Fitout (Option)
  • Fully Built DC OR Core & Shell
  • Additional Scalability
  • Custom Fitout (Option)
  • Fiber & Copper cabling
  • Power Cabling
  • Access Control, Cameras
  • Custom Designed Cages
  • Rack cabinets
  • STS/ ATS/ Power Sockets


  • Metered, Pass Through
  • Long Term Tariff Contracts
  • Utility + Own Green Power
  • Dedicated UPS / PDUs
  • Live Access to BMS
  • Floor Specific PUE metering
  • Last Mile on Cables/ Bus ducts


  • Redundant MM Rooms
  • Redundant Fiber Riser Conduits
  • Dedicated MM Room (Option)
  • Dedicated Conduits (Option)
  • Bulk / Retail Cross Connects)
  • Inter-Floor & Inter DC Fiber
  • 1G/10G/100G options


At times, Azure can be a very complicated platform. It can take a while to understand the entire platform comprehensively. Your IT team may need to spend hours to understand Azure completely. There are wide range of options available for Azure deployment, which can overwhelm a first-time user. Also, the Azure platform is unmanaged.

Our Microsoft-certified experts at XcellHost will help you understand the Azure platform, guiding you with all the technical nuances that come with Azure management. We will provide server management, platform management, and instance management that includes patching, OS hardening, 24/7 monitoring, automatic backup and updates, disaster recovery etc.

In short: We take care of your Azure, so that you can take care of your main business.

Even if you purchase Azure directly from Microsoft, there is a lot of technical expertise required for setup, deployment and operations of Azure. Managing Azure is very complicated without proper support. XcellHost takes care of everything from beginning to the end, leaving you completely relieved.

We are a Microsoft-certified Gold Partner with more than 14 years of experience in the industry. Many of our engineers have worked with Microsoft in the past, so you can be very sure of getting the excellent value out of it. When you sign-up with XcellHost, you don’t pay anything additional for the infrastructure. Your pricing remains the same as Microsoft.

Managed Azure Basic:

1. Basic 24/7 Monitoring

2. 1 Hour/Month Support

3. No OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. No I/O Monitoring Available

5. No Managed Backup Available

6. No Health Checks Available

Managed Azure Advanced:

1. Advanced 24/7 Monitoring

2. 2 Hour/Month Support

3. OS-Related Service Monitoring

4. Read/Write I/O Monitoring Available

5. Managed Backup Available

6. Health Checks Available

Note: All our plans include 24/7 support via phone, chat and e-mail.

XcellHost will be a single point of contact for all your Azure requirements. We have a dedicated team working round-the-clock to provide 24/7 support via email, phone or chat. We typically respond within an hour of raising ticket. Some cases that require attention from our engineers can take upto 24 hours. In very rare cases which require escalation to Microsoft, it may take a little longer.

Apart from our impressive track record in managed cloud services and round-the-clock support, we claim to have the lowest prices in the market.

We are Microsoft Partners with Gold competency for “Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions” along with Silver competency in “Cloud Platform” and “Cloud Productivity.” With more than 10,000 installations spanning across 90+ countries,XcellHost is a force to reckon with in the cloud industry.

Feel free to contact us anytime:


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