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Get XcellHost Screaming Fast Cloud Servers - Powered by Intel SSD

Cloud Servers Starting @333 /month /server

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XcellCloud | Tired Of Slow Performing Servers

Tired Of Slow Performing Servers

Get XcellHost Screaming Fast Cloud Servers - Powered by Intel SSD

Cloud Servers Starting @333 /month /server

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G-Series Use Case - Websites & web application, development environments, build server, code repositoriesm, micro services, test & staging environments, and line of business applications.
General purpose g series vCPU (in core) vRAM (in GB) vDisk (in GB) geekbench score total data transfer price price
G3. 1GB 1 1 25
2 TB ₹ 365.00 Order Now
G3.2 GB 1 2 50
3 TB ₹ 730.00 Order Now
G3.4 GB 2 4 75
4 TB ₹ 1,460.00 Order Now
G3.8 GB 4 8 100
5 TB ₹3650.00 Order Now
G3.16 GB 6 16 200
6 TB ₹ 4,745.00 Order Now
G3.32 GB 8 32 300
7 TB ₹ 8,760.00 Order Now
G3.48 GB 12 48 400
8 TB ₹ 14,965.00 Order Now
G3.64 GB 16 64 500
9 TB ₹ 16,425.00 Order Now
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24x7 Delightfull Support
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FREE SSL Certificate
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FREE Next-Gen Endpoint Secuirty & EDR
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FREE Site 24x7 Basic Monitoring
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FREE Basic Website Security ( WAF + DDoS + CDN)
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Simplicity is making your cloud journey easier, XcellHost delivers simple & efficient cloud solutions for you.

Fully managed

Fully Managed

Let us manage your server so you can focus on your business & website

Deploy in 3sec

Deploy in 3 Mins

Deploying a Cloud Server is fast and easy. All mainline products are fully equipped with SSD.


Powered by Plesk

The most popular and powerful web hosting control panel for easy point-and-click management of your hosting account.

Intel SSD

SSD-Only Cloud

Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers!

SLA agreement

99.95% SLA Guaranteed

Redundant networks design and multiple upstream suppliers ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Backup and snapshot

Backup & Snapshot

Automated daily and weekly backups and free full data snapshots upon request.

Completely scalable

Completely Scalable

Our certified cloud & security experts help your business's cloud transformation journey.Start small and work your way up. You can resize your server up or down at any time on demand.

no long term contact

No Long Term Contracts

Work with us on a monthly retainer, with no complicated and long term contracts.


Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident you will love our service that we offer 7 days money-back guarantee.

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Custom ISO

Boot compute instances using your own uploaded ISOs or the Public ISO library.

Instance Snapshot

Take snapshots of running instances and deploy copies in any of our datacenters.

Instance Backup

Deploy a new server from an existing backup in just seconds.


Easily launch and enrich your developer applications, hosted services, websites, AI & machine learning workloads, gaming services, or CI/CD environments.


Powerful entry-level virtual machines


Balanced power and performance


Maximum RAM configurations


For CPU-intensive applications

Dedicated GPU

Speed up complex compute jobs

Block Storage

Reliable and scalable storage

Object Storage

Simple content storage and delivery


Safe and reliable cloud backups

Lode Balancers

Transparent and easy load distribution

DNS Manager

Simple control over your DNS records


Infrastructure management

Professional Services

Cloud consulting & migration


Manage Linode via our API


Command line access to your Linodes

One-Click Apps

Deploy with preinstalled software


Usability reporting and notifications

Users & Permissions

User management and access control


Managed Kubernetes clusters

Free CreditWorld's Fastest Cloud! uptime SLA.

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Initial Response Guarantee



Initial Response Guarantee



Initial Response Guarantee


In Performance Cloud hosting is done on a virtual server, using a server virtualization technology. It partitions a computer virtually into multiple servers. Each user gets much more privacy and security as compared to the shared hosting i.e. you get the advantages of dedicated hosting but at considerably lower prices.

In PCS hosting India or anywhere in the world, advantages of PCS are:
  • Zero Worries: Server maintenance is done by the PCS hosting provider.
  • Safety: You get your own IP address and mail server in our best PCS hosting plans, keeping your website protected from getting affected with other website’s spamming.
  • Isolation and ownership: With your own resources and operating system, your website is totally safe. You also get root access, to have quick access and control to your PCS server.
  • Cost effective: PCS servers offer dedicated resources to your website at a considerably lower price than of dedicated server.
  • Scalability & Customization: PCS servers are quickly scalable, allowing you to customize according to the increase in website traffic.

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade and downgrade PCS plans, just email to Xcellhost.net and we’ll take care of your request.

Yes, we help migrate sites to PCS, but whether it will be free or paid, that is decided on case to case basis and depends on the number of factors like number of files, data volume, number of domains, apps, operating system and the hosting control panels.

Xcellhost virtual private servers are designed to get provisioned immediately, once we’re done with our initial consultation to deliver you the best cost-effective PCS plan.

Yes, you can install operating system or web hosting panel of your choice on XcellHost Performance Cloud Server.

In the case Windows PCS hosting, you can use Remote Desktop and in the case of Linux PCS hosting, you can use SSH (Secure Shell Access) to work on the PCS servers remotely.

Yes, you get dedicated IPs with your PCS account. With your own dedicated IP address, you can run your own web, e-mail and FTP servers.

We take backup for our internal purpose only. For taking PCS backup on automation, it is recommended to buy Acronis Cloud Backup solution from Xcellhost.


Since you have the root access of your PCS, you can install any software that is compatible with your PCS hosting plan. However, any software that violates our Acceptable Usage Policy will not be allowed.

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Enterprise Cloud

Get XcellHost Screaming Fast Enterprise Cloud Servers - Powered by Intel SSD Enterprise solutions that meet your performance requirements, with commercial flexibility and scalability Enterprise Cloud Servers Starting @666 /month /server

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Dedicated GPU Cloud

Access the Limitless Power of NVIDIA Tesla GPUs. Speed up the computing of Deep Learning tasks with powerful multi-GPU dedicated servers Starting at ₹11067 /mo or ₹15 /hr

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Bare Metal Cloud

Stay in full control of your environment with highperformance single-tenant dedicated servers.2-minute provisioning, One-click Backups, Savemachine images, No Contracts, Hourly BillingStarting at $ 120 /mo